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What's you're evidence? It isn't my job to tell you.

NSA insiders, in particular, believe that Older oral expert nsa of true things should be obscured. That did not stop his followers, including numerous veterans of the national-security state, from concluding I'd written so imprecisely. Of course, Schindler does not regard his own imprecision as disqualifying. Bamford is Older oral expert nsa an NSA expert that a few months back he did a write-up calling it the "National Security Administration.

I mean, to establish your familiarity with high-level research methods, of course Now, where was your doctorate from again? That really sums up the attitude on display throughout.

I have a Ph. You don't have a credential, therefore you aren't worth debating, just trolling. I presume, based on the fact that Schindler is a teacher, that his real-life persona isn't the same as his Twitter persona.

Some of his efforts are actually aimed at better informing the public, albeit within the constraints of our overzealous Older oral expert nsa of classification.

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I'd bet heavily Older oral expert nsa this exchange doesn't sum him up as a professional. And finally, after repeated requests, he offered up ecpert specific critique:. Look it up. BYE again.

The controversy he references doesn't happen exxpert be about the book I am reading and reprising. Having looked up the controversyI see that it pertains to an incident involving the Israeli military firing on an American naval vessel and whether it was an accident or intentional, not to Bamford's account of the NSA's history.

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And while I have no idea Older oral expert nsa is right about the naval incident in question, accusing Bamford nwa fabricating his Older oral expert nsa material is a significant leap. All that said, I'm glad to know about this controversy, and if I write about the book in which it appears I'll be sure to link the inconclusive arguments on both sides.

And if anyone has specific criticisms of Milf dating in Island city first book, let's hear 'em!

What vexes me most is the claim that non-Ph. Was it Expedt Trade Treason? So to sum up: A former NSA employee and U. Naval War College professor insists that journalists are sensationalists too lazy to back up their assertions nnsa reporting As it turns out, knowledgeable NSA insiders with Ph. Consumers of journalism should be aware of its limitations.

On most topics, there are experts who know more than journalists though it is Older oral expert nsa that they're able and willing to share their expertise with a general audience. Even the most careful journalists can make mistakes.

As in any profession, some journalists are less diligent than they ought to be about what they publish and how open they are to revisiting it. And there is a consumer-driven incentive to write sensational headlines. Older oral expert nsa

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What the web era offers is a journalistic ecosystem that's more transparent and rich than any that preceded it. Implicit in Schindler's critique is a notion that in a perfect world, all journalists would be Ph.

As a reader of journalism watching the Snowden story unfold in real time, I value the diverse approaches to the story that are available Casual Dating Bean Station us. Greenwald's work is characterized by a Older oral expert nsa independence and refusal to uncritically accept official statements.

It is not clear how many people around the world, and how many Americans, might have been caught up in the effort. Given the N. Because the Older oral expert nsa considers images a form of communications content, the N. Cross-border communications in which an American might be emailing or texting an image to someone targeted by the agency overseas could be excepted. Civil-liberties advocates and other critics are concerned that the power of the improving technology, used by government and industry, could erode privacy.

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The F. The State Department has what several outside experts say could be the largest facial imagery database in the federal government, storing hundreds of millions of photographs of American passport holders and foreign visa applicants. And the Department of Older oral expert nsa Security is funding pilot projects at police departments around the country to match suspects against faces in a crowd.

The N.

Vines, the agency spokeswoman. She added that the N. She also declined to say whether the N. Lynch said a handful of recent court decisions could lead to new constitutional protections Older oral expert nsa the privacy of sensitive face recognition data.

But she added that the law was still unclear and that Washington was operating largely in a legal vacuum.

Congress has largely ignored the issue. Needing a very attractive woman for a simple hookup m4w Just seeking an no strings attached hookup with a very attractive woman, prefer someone er close Older oral expert nsa my age.

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We could post it on a website like redtube. Of course, no money will be involved with this. It's just for fun! If it works out well, you could possibly get some type of internet fame if we do Older oral expert nsa regularly. Let's see what happens!

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