Fostering Meaningful, Long-lasting Results

Each of our three primary services — Mergers, Planning and Leadership — is unique in focus. During a merger, our primary concern is ensuring that our client’s new collaboration is the right partnership for continued success. We assess both the initial fit between parties and the relationship’s long-term viability. In a planning engagement, we clearly and collaboratively define the priorities that will guide our client’s future, building consensus throughout our project. When cultivating leadership talent through personalized training and coaching, we work to ensure our client’s organization will function smoothly with its new team.

Although distinct, each of our services is grounded in a holistic and results-oriented approach that emphasizes sustainability. We examine our client’s challenge or opportunity within the full context of their organization, and we deliver a clear, actionable list of steps and metrics to follow and measure their success. Adept at recognizing interconnection and understanding implications, we prepare our clients to succeed in their present and future environments. We routinely anticipate how a decision made in one area will impact all areas of an organization, so our clients will avoid any unintended consequences.

Our services are often intertwined. A planning project focused on growing an organization may lead a client to consider a merger. Empowered with new leadership, an organization might revise how it plans to improve and expand its signature programs. A merger between nonprofits would require tactfully blending executive teams. Offering our expertise in these three areas, we can help any client change, grow and strengthen their organization.