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You need to make strategic decisions that have profound implications for your agency’s future. Do you dread the thought of another protracted planning process that drains your agency’s resources and doesn’t provide answers fast enough? Strategy by Design is a quicker, more intensive planning option that helps you focus on what’s most important, best use your resources and forge a clear, realistic path for the coming 12 to 18 months.

KrasnePlows can help. Planning doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. You can make significant progress without a huge investment if you concentrate your agency’s energy, time and resources to address the crucial issues. We guide you, your board and senior staff through a short, yet intensive decision-making process, so you can make key decisions quickly, and start taking concrete steps the very next day.

Strategy by Design is our data-driven, three-step approach.

  1. Set the Stage: We develop a current picture of your agency, and the environment in which it operates together, within 3 to 4 weeks, all derived from survey work, financial analysis, a competitive landscape review and several brief discussions with leadership.
  2. Tackle the Issues: We customize a 2-day retreat that encourages a healthy discussion among your board, senior management and you, so you can work on the pressing issues that you’ve identified.
  3. Draw the Roadmap: Before the retreat is over, we make sure that you confirm your goals, establish your priorities, identify the tasks required and assign responsible parties.

Strategy by Design’s Benefits:

  • Achieves progress quickly so you can act right away
  • Establishes clear goals and priorities so everyone can be on the same page throughout the agency
  • Allows leadership to align resources, reduce duplication and assign responsibilities beyond the CEO
  • Uses research so you can make better informed decisions
  • Limits the time you spend and the investment you make

We design our work to match your needs and goals, and identify the unintended consequences of potential programmatic, organizational or financial decisions before you make them. We provide an outside perspective that is not invested in specific outcomes and draws upon the years of experience we have amassed in addressing thorny executive issues ourselves.

Our course of action sets the stage, whether you anticipate additional long-range planning or are re-tooling mid-way through your current plan. Strategy by Design can help frame your short-term priorities so you can align your resources most effectively. That way you can have more impact with only a limited investment of your agency’s time and money.

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