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Planning & Restructuring

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Planning can be comprehensive or extremely targeted, depending on the problem you need to address, like:

  • Restructure and reposition to adapt to a changing environment - funding, demographic shifts, or new trends

  • Launch a new program, expand your services to current clients, or extend your reach to new ones

  • Absorb recent growth and position yourself to grow more

  • Strengthen and diversify your revenue streams

We use the following decision-making framework to help you solve your problem:

Set Clear Goals

Conduct an Internal Assessment of your program, people and money to see where you are now, through:

  • Financial analysis

  • Board and staff surveys, interviews and focus groups

  • Leadership and management structure review

  • Programmatic impact

Perform an External Assessment, through interviews and market research surveys to learn:

  • How funders, clients, and key stakeholders perceive your organization, its programmatic impact, and leadership

  • How you compare with others to highlight strengths, weaknesses and best practices

  • How much demand there is for a new program or service you contemplate offering

Consider Viable Options and Choose the Best One

  • Identify Decision-Making Criteria to choose among your available options

  • Create Scenarios to illustrate potential pathways to your goal

  • Perform a Trade-Off Analysis to understand each option's pros and cons

  • Facilitate Discussions so you select the option with the highest probability of success

Create a Realistic Roadmap to Align All

  • Key Actions and Timeframes, outlining and prioritizing the necessary steps to realize your goal

  • Resources Required, money, leadership, staff, and infrastructure

  • Organizational Changes to clarify responsibilities and improve efficiencies for staff, board and volunteers

  • Marketing and Communications to motivate your staff and reach your clients, funders and community

  • Financial Projections over the period to ensure a balanced budget

  • Milestones, near- and mid-term, and Roles and Responsible Parties to hold the right people accountable

Measure Progress to Make Adjustments When Needed

  • Create a Dashboard of key indicators to evaluate if you’re meeting targets in program, people, and money

  • Employ a Budget vs. Actual Report to compare where you are now with where you planned to be

  • Develop Cash Flow Projections to monitor your cash available to meet your operating expenses

  • Use a Fund-Raising Report to track activities to identify, cultivate, solicit, and steward donors and funders

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