Defining a Path Forward

Any vision for the future must be strategic and practical, considerate of the numerous factors that will impact its success. Whether an organization wants to provide a new service to its community or reconfigure an existing program to work within a restricted budget, organizational planning is a critical investment. No planning project is complete without an action plan

KrasnePlows can help any client responsibly and optimally plan for future growth or restructure their organization for long-term sustainability. We take a holistic approach to our work, looking at how programs, people and money come together to achieve a mission. We ask difficult questions that identify our client’s goals, address key issues and drive towards tangible, concrete results. Ultimately, our clients end a planning engagement optimistic and prepared for the future: having been integrated into every step of the process, they are equal owners of the work we produce together and are united pushing forward the agenda long after we are gone.



Assess the situation

During the first stage of a planning or restructuring process, we focus on setting clear goals based on where our client is currently and where they want to go. After conducting a thorough internal and external assessment, we confirm the key issues, consider the implications and present the most meaningful opportunities.


Set direction and priorities

We develop assessment criteria to estimate the impact of different plans. With an understanding of each potential pathway’s pros and cons, we work together with our client to select the option most likely to achieve their goals.


Design the solution

Having decided on the strongest plan, we build a realistic roadmap to align the organization’s various teams and resources. With a crystalized vision for the future and a clear understanding of how to get there, our client is ready to execute their plan.

Stage One

Mission and vision review

Internal and external client research

Leadership and management structure review

Programmatic impact assessment

Financial analysis

Stage Two

Alternative program scenarios

Trade-off analysis

Sustainable business models

Stakeholder discussions

Talent management strategies  

Stage Three

Action plan

Key milestones and metrics definition

Multi-year budget

Plan monitoring tools

Ongoing decision making criteria



Working with KrasnePlows felt like working with family — family that knows their stuff! They kept us on task and conveyed complex, important information in a way that we could really hear. Even before the project was over, we felt the impact of their work. We were able to take action immediately.
— Randy Peers, CEO, Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow
Thanks for all you both brought to us through this important strategic process. I know we had different starting points, some disagreements, and tensions but we worked through them. I want you to know that I personally learned a lot from both of you and am very grateful. So much is before us before this comes to some resolution – but what you both brought of insight, expertise, and commitment is invaluable.
— Sr. Margaret Leonard, Board Member, LSA Family Health Service