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Use KrasnePlows to manage your entire merger process by:

  • Assessing your organization's readiness through
    implementing your integration plan
  • Building on past achievements and setting a clear direction for your future
  • Creating a healthy partnership among
    your combined board, staff and leadership

If you only want help with a part of your merger,
KrasnePlows can work with you to:

Assess your organizational readiness

  • Confirm what you want to achieve
  • Review your available resources
  • Gauge how much risk you are willing to consider

Establish a merger committee to lead the process

  • Help you identify the key players around the table
  • Verify and facilitate your internal decision-making process

Evaluate partner fit

  • Prepare the due diligence checklist
  • Assess your potential partner's operational strength, fiscal health, management capabilities and funding diversification

Develop possible integration models

  • Build governance, management and operational integration scenarios
  • Create a transition plan budget(s)

Negotiate and reach mutual agreement

  • Help identify the key decision-makers from each organization
  • Strategize ways to help you reach the desired outcome

Develop an integration road map

  • Create a transition checklist
  • Determine who does what
  • Help ensure the transition meets deadlines
    and benchmarks, recalibrating as necessary

Convey the right messages to all your stakeholders throughout the process

  • "Maintaining services levels"
  • "Need for funding"

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