Building Strength in Numbers

Mergers and partnerships can be an effective way to reach new communities, add programming, bolster sustainability and attract human and financial resources in an increasingly competitive environment. To be successful, they require careful thought, dedicated attention and hard work. Well executed, mergers can strengthen and increase an organization’s impact. Poorly conceived, they may lead to failure. 

KrasnePlows is a strong partner to any organization considering a merger or new partnership. We bring a deep understanding of the nonprofit sector and collaboration process and can help assess the opportunity by providing expertise and critical-decision making criteria at every step. This familiarity allows us to address each of our clients’ questions, evaluate the cultural fit between merging organizations, and ultimately save valuable time and resources.



Assess the situation

We begin by determining what our client wants to achieve and whether they have the resources to achieve it. Working with a select group of stakeholders, we verify our client’s goals and aspirations. We also confirm the critical attributes and assets our client seeks in a potential partner, including their organizational culture, and what our client brings to the table.


Set direction and priorities

Having formed the leadership team and collected the necessary data, we prepare our client to complete a thorough investigation of their potential partner. We guide the due diligence process, encouraging our clients to ask the right questions to identify any potential risks or concerns. We also develop operating guidelines, budgets and organizational structures to support the new entity.


Design the solution

With the ideal partner identified, examined and approved, we strategize the best way to turn two organizations into one. To facilitate the transition, we prepare a clear action plan outlining the steps our client and their partner must follow to harmoniously merge. When it is time to publicly announce a merger or partnership, our client is confident in their decision and ready to lead their organization forward.

Stage One

Goal setting

Organizational readiness assessment

Partner identification

Communication strategy

Stage Two

Terms of agreement

Due diligence (merger risk assessment)

Pro forma budget

Organizational models

Transition plan

Communication strategy

Stage Three

Negotiation of merger agreement

Integration plan

Communication strategy


from the client

KrasnePlows helped us overcome substantial internal hurdles to successfully achieve a historic merger that benefited thousands of New Yorkers. They built trust, balanced our needs with those of our partner and offered immensely valuable knowledge and an objective perspective.
— Stephan Russo, Executive Director, Goddard Riverside Community Center
Thank you again for your support in the merger! I can confidently say that it would not have happened without you. You took it from a place where communication was breaking down and trust was on the decline, to a solid plan. I’m happy to refer you with the highest praise to anyone who may inquire.
— Adina Remz, Executive Director, Jewish Disaster Response Corps