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Are you on a board where you know the nonprofit has outgrown its Executive Director?
Are you hiring another new ED, wondering what went wrong last time?
Are you dying to move on, but worried that your baby won't be left in good hands?
Are you watching a nonprofit head for trouble because it lacks leadership?

Do you want to manage events or have events manage you?

Transitions are under-realized opportunities to strengthen nonprofit organizations. Poorly managed, they often incur high costs in executive director, staff, and board turnover; extended periods of under-performance; lost revenue and funding; missed opportunities for program growth; and overall inertia.

KrasnePlows provides help at a pivotal moment - if you view the transition process as an opportunity to add capacity and strength & and takes a new, more expansive approach to succession planning, using the following steps:

With KrasnePlows, you will address your leadership and strategic challenges, so you can control your destiny.

Can you afford the time & money lost in a failed leadership transition?

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