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Re-Energize a Longstanding Institution for Greater Impact

The Opportunity - and the Challenge:

  • A major funder wanted to help a longstanding, respected national good governance organization put its house in order so it could have greater impact during the upcoming election cycle.
  • New players had entered the marketplace, drawing away funders and attracting new, younger members.
  • Friction between the national office and its many affiliates, typical in these kinds of organizations, distracted leadership.
  • Many board members, representing the organization’s varied constituencies, were passive and disengaged.
  • The executive resigned just as the project began, creating a leadership vacuum.

The Expertise - KrasnePlows:

  • Performed an organizational assessment as part of consultant team, focusing on leadership, governance, organizational structure and finance issues
  • Conducted Interviews, surveys, focus groups for board, staff (national & local), and other key stakeholders, to identify program, communications and leadership concerns and opportunities
  • Assessed the agency’s financial condition and opportunities to increase funding, reduce costs, and improve efficiency


A board that stepped up to address key issues of dysfunction:

  • Replaced the board chair and strengthened the executive committee
  • Designated a board member to oversee and guide the interim ED
  • Formed a committee to select the next executive director, ultimately choosing an experienced, respected, and skilled board member who was willing to step into the role

A new leader who re-energized the organization by:

  • Strengthening its fund development capability,
  • Improving and increasing communications internally, with the board, and externally
  • Restructuring, clarifying and improving the working relationship between head office and the local affiliates
  • Positioned the organization to have impact in 2008 election, a key goal

"Their reports and analysis helped the Board make some really major changes in the organization."

- President

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