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At KrasnePlows we address leadership issues as part of our planning or merger projects as well as in leadership projects themselves. In either case, we work with you to tackle issues like:


  • Clarify, practice and reinforce targeted skills by working through current, real world situations
  • Monitor your progress through situation-specific evaluation


  • Strengthen and define board roles and responsibilities
  • Assess and change as needed board structures and processes
  • Conduct performance evaluation and satisfaction surveys
  • Enhance the relationship between the board and CEO
  • Improve board engagement

Staff Development and Retention

  • Conduct staff evaluation surveys
  • Help get the right people in the right roles to meet your agency’s needs
  • Address needs to improve senior management’s capabilities (aka bench strength)
  • Clarify staffing structure
  • Define or refine job descriptions
  • Develop performance management and evaluation systems


  • Identify skills and experience needed for the next leader
  • Create a succession plan
  • Plan a legacy for an outgoing founder or longstanding leader
  • Recruit and hire new leadership

By addressing leadership issues, executives become more confident in their ability to lead and board members become more confident in their executive staff.

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