Strong Leadership Makes all the Difference

An organization needs strong, effective leadership to attract the talent and dollars necessary to sustain itself and honor its mission. KrasnePlows works with executive management and board members to evaluate, restructure, coach and strengthen their internal teams. We identify and guide changes at the organizational and individual level, ensuring that leadership has the skills and support necessary for success.

We examine the structure of a board and executive team, making suggestions to improve their efficacy. We suggest ways to maximize available resources and prepare responsibly for the future. With the right reporting hierarchy, distribution of responsibilities and range of skills, a previously weak group of colleagues can become the strong leadership a nonprofit requires.

At an individual level, we help identify the skills and temperament of a successful leader, considering the dynamics and demands of our client’s organization. We cultivate existing talent as well as talented recruits, ensuring they blend well into an organization’s culture and deliver its vision. We also work with trustees to make sure they understand their fiduciary responsibilities and increase board engagement.



Assess the situation

Our first priority is to understand our client’s objectives and unique circumstance. Through research, we collectively define their needs, assess their resources and bring attention to any problematic gaps. If looking to recruit a new leader, we specify the right candidate profile. Alternatively, we conduct the necessary research to shape an existing leader’s vision, or assess what skills an executive might need to become higher performing.


Set direction and priorities

Armed with a clear understanding of our client’s priorities, we take the necessary steps to plan and realize their vision. We consider different ways to achieve their goals, evaluating how each approach achieves the desired solution. Always maintaining our holistic perspective, we review how any plan might impact the larger organization, both culturally and functionally. Having appraised all the possible outcomes, we identify the right path forward.


Design the solution

With a clear plan in place, we help our client take the necessary next steps. This may include everything from assistance with recruitment through carefully planning a succession. This work is intended to ultimately support a productive relationship between a leader, new or old, and the board they serve. By addressing the issues, both parties become more confident in each other and in themselves.

Stage One

Performance evaluation

Board and staff satisfaction assessment

Board efficacy and structure assessment

Gap analysis

Stage Two

Leadership profile

Board governance structure definition  

Stage Three

New leadership recruitment and hiring

Succession planning

Board governance training

Leadership coaching

Legacy planning


from the client

KrasnePlows straddled the delicate insider / outsider line. They were always one step removed so that they could guard their objectivity, but they were also team players who earned our trust, brought valuable skills to the table and always had our best interest at heart.
— Ken Jockers, Executive Director, Hudson Guild
KrasnePlows delivers a ‘complete’ service to organizations: listening, organizing, connecting. In essence, KrasnePlows delivers results, not talk.
— Linda L. Bryant, former Executive Director, Inwood House