Jan Correa

As a senior executive, advisor and entrepreneur, Jan Correa helps to develop, lead and turn-around mission-driven organizations in both the nonprofit and social enterprise sectors. At KrasnePlows, she provides informative strategic, operational and financial insight on various projects, with a strong focus on organizational design and structure.

As a founding partner of Brainstorm, an education engagement organization, Jan helped the firm evolve from an undercapitalized startup to a sustainable social enterprise. While there, she developed the innovative model “Dare to Dream, Expect to Succeed”, a collaborative program that provides scholarships and educational products to individuals and organizations across the country. Earlier in her career, Jan was Executive Vice President at Macmillan Inc. where she was responsible for its corporate-wide strategic planning and business development practice, leading a 20-person group focused on the development, acquisition, merger and integration of niche businesses in underserved markets.

Jan is an active Children’s Aid Society trustee, as well as an involved Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center Advisory Board member and previously served on Accion’s board. She is particularly passionate about working with organizations serving clients on the wrong side of the opportunity divide, especially those who struggle to access critical educational, health-related and financial resources.

Jan has a B.A. in International Relations from the University of Colorado Boulder. She holds an MBA from Columbia Business School, where she remains involved mentoring students interested in social entrepreneurship and the nonprofit sector. She has a strong conversational knowledge of Spanish, French and Hebrew.