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Hudson Guild is a multi-service community organization that has been offering diverse programming to residents of New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood since 1895. Highly motivated and ambitious, the organization's leaders wanted to transform their satisfactory board into an exceptional one. They asked us to lead the board’s annual retreat because they believed we could successfully improve their effectiveness. We accepted the challenge, relishing the opportunity to work with a client who understands the value of developing a high-performing board. 

During our pre-retreat preparation, we interviewed the Executive Committee, conducted a board-wide satisfaction survey and reviewed the organization’s programmatic and financial health. This research gave us critical insight into Hudson Guild’s culture and allowed us to develop a unique retreat program that would advance their goals: increased board engagement and renewed, tangible commitment to the organization. 

On the day of the retreat, we presented our findings to the board, highlighting the organization’s strengths and weaknesses, its opportunities and challenges. With a focus on being actionable rather than academic, we helped the team refine its committee structure and kept a clear accounting of the day’s decisions, agreements and next steps. We offered our perspective, honed over more than 30 years in the nonprofit and corporate worlds, on governance best practices and the principles that define successful leadership teams. 

At the end of the day, the board walked away better educated and empowered; each member knew what steps he or she needed to take in order to contribute to the organization’s long-term success.

Hudson Guild trusted that we had both the necessary expertise and the ability to meaningfully change their organization. We’re honored to say our work together exceeded their expectations.


From the client

KrasnePlows straddled the delicate insider / outsider line. They were always one step removed so that they could guard their objectivity, but they were also team players who earned our trust, brought valuable skills to the table and always had our best interest at heart.
— Ken Jockers, Executive Director, Hudson Guild


Hudson Guild

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