How to Plan for an Unknowable Future in a Rapidly Changing Environment

Callen-Lorde Community Health Center is a prestigious New York City institution. Pioneers during the AIDS crisis with decades of experience serving the healthcare needs of the city’s LGBT community, Callen-Lorde had seen everything. Everything, of course, but the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Knowing that they would have to adapt to a new environment, one where funding resources and requirements for care were evolving, Callen-Lorde asked us to help answer a critical question: how do we continue to provide quality programs and services in a highly unstable world?

Our answer: don’t wait. Be ready for anything. We familiarized ourselves with Callen-Lorde, their culture, values and history.  We evaluated numerous strategic issues Callen-Lorde was facing, including the changing needs of their target population and the arrival of new providers in the marketplace. We examined how to strengthen and grow their services and client base, and how they could ameliorate existing capacity and resource constraints.

Our jointly prepared report summarized the key outcomes and additional planning work that would be needed to implement different strategic options. Essentially, this explained how Callen-Lorde could achieve their goals in any plausible set of circumstances. 

The plan, as comprehensive as it was complex, outlined priorities to support each goal and assigned accountability for every task’s success. It also offered assessment and measurement criteria so that Callen-Lorde could evaluate any potential growth opportunity against their strategic priorities framework.

Whether the ACA meant losing critical funding or implementing new protocols, Callen-Lorde’s plan could adapt and ensure that their quality of service never suffered and that they could continue to grow responsibly.

Callen-Lorde confronted an intimidating and unprecedented challenge with an openness and courage that inspired us. We are proud to have completed such an in-depth and dynamic project, and prouder still to know that our work continues to guide the organization today. 


From the client

Callen-Lorde approached KrasnePlows for strategic guidance at a time of great change for both our health center and in the health care environment. They led us through a strategic planning process that will keep us true to our values but also ready for the dynamic changes facing our industry.
— Jay Laudato, Executive Director, Callen-Lorde Community Health Center


Callen-Lorde Community Health Center

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It may not be possible to predict the future, but it is always possible to prepare for it.

Leadership can be strategically opportunistic if priorities are clear.

No matter the obstacles or uncertainty, we can help chart a path forward.